Sabian Symbol

Beware of sudden or crazy reactions from unexpected people. Lucky number 6. Colour forest green. You resolve conflicts by bringing about a union of opposites after a period of strife.

You are blessed with love in relationships. Enjoy every moment! Colour deep red. Sensitivity, intuition and compassion are the qualities that shine forth, dissolving barriers and judgments and bringing you closer to yourself and others.

Scorpio 12222 Horoscope

Be aware of moods in relationships and delusions about business or financial matters at this point. Lucky number Colour soft pink. A more relaxed atmosphere encourages progress and growth.

The moon enters Pisces today.

It's a good time to make changes at home and at work to bring fresh energy and ambiance. As you start a new venture beware of losing sight of your own goals and priorities. Try new diets and exercises. Lucky number 8. Delay and complication in material aspects can be expected if you don't take one careful step at a time.

Scorpio Tomorrow

A Leo person lends energy and resources to enhance your business. Avoid confrontations with your partner or loved one as there can be over reactions. Colour rose. You are totally immersed in professional activity today as there is a lot happening that needs your personal attention. Split your work in three departments and delegate responsibility.

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You need to be aware and maintain balance on all levels of consciousness. Lucky number 3.

Colour red. There are no limitations for you today.

Scorpio Horoscope – Astrology King

You enjoy goodwill and friendship at work to add a special quality to whatever you do. You combine different therapies to remain healthy. Beware of burning your candle at both ends by working or playing too hard. Colour blue. You have power, prestige and influence in the work area and can dictate your terms in professional matters today. Know what astrology and the planets have in store for people born under Scorpio sign.

Astrology reveals the effect of planets on Scorpio today. Today you will volunteer to maintain harmonious environments both at home and at the workplace. It will be an exciting experience and will amplify your motivation to work for peace. However do not reveal any private information to anyone and be prepared to digest the bitter truth in case you have to learn it!

It is time to take special care of your health. Ignoring your health problems will not make them disappear. Instead, they are likely to become much more serious over time. However, timely intervention can avoid much of that. It is also necessary to take care of the general health of your loved ones.

Scorpio Yearly Horoscopes 2019 In Hindi - Preview - Prakash Astrologer

You can also catch an infection from someone close to you. The time is exactly right to mend fences and clear up old misunderstandings. You may also get close to someone from whom you have been estranged before. There is a real possibility that you will meet an old flame and passion between you will be rekindled.

Balancing the past and the present relationships can be an especially demanding task today.