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I have compiled some details and information about the fic from various people who may have read it. Pann : What are legendary fanfics of idols? There was this writer from Asianfanfics who attempted to translate the story from Korean to English but sadly decided to discontinue the story even before it started and deleted it. There were some excerpts that the writer translated:.

Actually, I really wanted to live with you after this war,Minseok-ah. I wanted to go to Korea with you. I wanted to forget everything about my race, ethic and nationality and I just wanted to have a small home with you. In a small room, we could put a bed where I could lie down with you. When you go to school, I could get a job in a small company to make ends meet. And when our everyday lives become boring, we could leave for a trip.

It is for you. People will soon learn to lean on your opinion, if you express your ideas only after due thought in your own way. You must ALWAYS find something for these people to do, for the prompt taking charge of them in the line you are handling and setting them to work, convinces them that their coming to you was justified, that you are an authority. If a leader really greater than yourself is attracted to you through your number 1 effect, you will know it, and must then ABSORB all you can as fast as possible, going onward to your own form of leadership.

With 1 predominant, you should really set up your OWN institution or establishment, however humble to start with. No matter what the obstruction seems to be, you should keep striving till you do arrive that way. You are fitted to be just that and should accept nothing less. This may not be so much as a public speaker, but more as the directing head, such as the leader of an orchestra or the manager of a theatrical troupe.

Be especially careful to see that all your acts are a real benefit to the other person. You, especially, in such case, need to "love thy neighbor as thyself.

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But remember also that you should be compensated for the good you do in order to really help others. All men or women who become successful must use these Seven Principles in their order. The use of them can be readily traced in the life and works of any great or successful man or woman. Creation has required FORCE ever since, both in the conception of the idea, which forced us out of former habits to the new thing, and in bringing forth the idea at the birth, as it were.

The ancients taught that Taurus , the Bull, represented the faculties of reproduction and fruitfulness. The best occupations for this Sub-Luma would be along the lines of the Military, certain classes of Literature, Art and Lecturing; teaching of Special Subjects; Politics; large plans and management of governmental affairs; Surgery; Ironworkers; Butchers and makers and dealers in Iron, Steel and also the Graphic Arts that use metals as vehicles of expression, such as Engravers, Printers, Stone-masons and Marble-cutters.

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Trade, Commerce, Chemistry and Travel are also indicated as available avenues of congenial activity. You deal best with Dentists, Assayers and Mechanics. It gives you a disposition that is ardent, active, positive, impulsive and impetuous. You are a lover of freedom and independence, and cannot endure restraint, confinement and delay.

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You are generous and frank, an admirer of openness, bravery and courage, both physical and moral. You have much self-confidence, and are usually able to hold your own easily, being prompt in word and action. You need to be aware of being too rash and headstrong, for you are rather inclined to be aggressive and self-willed; and you are likely to bring many troubles upon yourself through this. You have a good deal of pride, which is easily wounded, and you do not find it easy to remain cool and self-restrained under provocation.

You are an active and energetic worker and can accomplish much in a short time, and you have it in you to become very practical and capable in the world, if you exercise a little self-discipline. Its position in a sign indicates the channel through which these qualities will flow. Mars is the principal planet for Aries , Mar. You want to see the world and all that lies therein. No description or travelogues will satisfy you. You are faithful, just and kind; an originator to some extent; a good and practical architect; if you finally take up that work. Your buildings would not tumble down, and they would demonstrate the finer features of art.

You are interested in psychics, magic--all curious and hidden lore. At the same time these pursuits do not interfere with your daily life. In fact, your friends may not even be aware that these subjects have an interest for you. In temperament, you are inclined to materialism and are not religious in any orthodox way. You are strongly intuitive, impressionable, rather emotional.

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Learn to become even in your temper, and be careful how you bestow your love. You are more or less enthusiastic, impulsive, headstrong, self-willed and likely to go to extremes. So when the individual character is much stronger than the personal, it inclines toward righteous indignation, hasty speech and lack of discretion when thrown into contact with others.

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You possess a great amount of force and energy and a full, rich and generous nature; plenty of vitality and enthusiasm, and also much hope and activity. You are never lacking in spirit and have plenty of vim and confidence in yourself and will never be short of what the world calls pluck. You are, at times, somewhat inclined to assert yourself needlessly, so that you must avoid giving way to impulses, and doing things rashly or jumping at conclusions so quickly.

https://paytuhalfthesil.tk As love is the only influence which can gain control over people of this sign, love should guide the hand and mind. Your troubles are so generally the result of disturbed mental conditions, due to worry, anger, jealously, impatience, etc. Calmness, self-analysis and complete subjugation of the passions, will enable you to become healthy, influential and successful in all you undertake.

Thus, Aries , the first Sub-Luma, is under the influence of the 1 space, the God Luma, and is really an earthly reflection of the Almighty Judge Supreme, in that Aries people are excellent judges of people and events although at times hasty in their conclusions. Capricorn , the 10th sign, also represents the Number 1. So frequently a priest and advisor. Almost a god to many people.

Aries influence. Age next birthday See Definitions 21 and 22, page 8. This House or year pertains to early life influences, habit-forming life, changes of habits in life and relates to living conditions. These influences are general and in your First House you may look for changes affecting these portions of life. The God-Spirit will focus most noticeably in Mars during the years of your First House, so far as you are concerned, so you may use energy, force and combative qualities in changing to advantage during these years; the figures always refer to the birthday COMING.

Thus, if you will be one year old, or thirteen years old, or twenty-five years old, NEXT birthday, you have finished the previous year and are NOW in that first, thirteenth, or twenty-fifth year. The years affected by the First House, therefore, are: 1st, 13th, 25th, 37th, 49th, 61st, 73rd, 85th, 97th, etc. All matters relating to the head now come to the front. You will now be more aspiring and ambitious than ever and will desire progress and will wish to reform existing conditions, and consequently sometimes the health is affected by your ardency in accordance with the strength of the horoscope at birth.

The passage through the first house nearly always produces changes. It will be well for you to note carefully the kind of changes you desire, so as not to make mistakes. In a general sense you may expect the personality to come to the front, and all matters connected with the form side of existence to engage your attention.

You will find yourself feeling more courageous, enterprising, frank and outspoken, so as to face any difficulties promptly and bravely. These words have a value of The 1 and 1 of the 11 make 2, symbolizing the Second Person of the Godhead.

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Soul and Lord mean the same in the Bible; and the Bible is much more easily understood if soul is known to mean the Lord. Each individual being on earth, man or beast, bird or serpent, vegetable or mineral, is expressing a part of that Soul or Lord.

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Man is the Christ Consciousness expressing intelligence. All the rest beneath man are vibrational imitations or images of that expression. Having the Creative Christ Consciousness, whether consciously or unconsciously expressed, man is thus a god, in accordance with the scriptures, and the confirmation of the Christ Consciousness.

Psalms John , The words Creative Christ Consciousness total to the number 2. The Son Luma represents the Soul before its entrance into this incarnation in an earthly temple or body. It symbolizes the Soul which inspires you to Tithe or give the Tenth to spiritual things. It brings the secret blessing. Makes you somewhat feminine, kindly and gentle. Faults to be careful of: deceit, shallowness, a "me-too" servility and timidity. The sign of the 2 is Taurus and Aquarius the 11th sign. If your name has in it a B, it increases your Soul qualities in the 2; if a K, it increases your Mind qualities; if a T, it increases your Body qualities, particularly as applied to your Spiritual understanding in all three cases.

Your soul is seeking especially the use of the affections and emotions and their effects in life.